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Alumina abrasives

  • A sandA sand
  • WA sandWA sand

Abrasives whose main component is Al2O3 (aluminum oxide). They can be used in a wide range of applications.


Silicon carbide abrasives

  • C sandC sand
  • GC sandGC sand

Abrasives whose main component is SiC (silicon carbide). Harder than alumina abrasives.


Boron carbide abrasive

  • B4C sandB4C sand

The second hardest abrasive after diamonds. Ideal for processing very hard work materials.


Diamond abrasives

  • Single crystalSingle crystal
  • PolycrystalPolycrystal

The hardest abrasives, which can be used for difficult grinding processing. Available in single crystal and polycrystal.



  • PAPA sandGarnet
  • Glass beadsGlass beadsSawdust

Many other abrasives are available from our wide product range.


  • Scheduled to be posted as needed

About our site

This website introduces the abrasive products handled by NANIWA ABRASIVE CORPORATION in different categories and with detailed data such as grain size distribution.


Why don’t you browse the website to see whether the products you purchase from other manufacturers are available at better prices and with higher quality?


December 25, 2018 NANIWA ABRASIVE CORPORATION launched the website on abrasives.
December 25, 2018 The product pages were opened along with the launch of the website.

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